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Our eCommerce app development services

eCommerce Android app development


We build native eCommerce apps for Android with Kotlin to ensure the highest performance. Our team is also experienced with building Java applications. In order to provide the best user experiences, we use Material Design. It improves usability and makes the app look more visually pleasant.

eCommerce iOS app development

Apple iOS

Our native iOS eCommerce apps are developed with Swift programming language. We want to make apps intuitive, so we follow Apple’s Human Design guidelines when working on user interfaces.

eCommerce Flutter app development


We can also develop eCommerce mobile apps with Flutter technology, depending on the project. Although this solution isn’t a standard in this industry yet, with the vast choice of customized widgets, we can use Flutter to build great-performing apps that work on iOS and Android systems based on one codebase.

Our project: Fashion eCommerce app


This mobile eCommerce app lets users in several countries conveniently shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories on their smartphones. It helps them discover new items from worldwide-known brands.

Our responsibilities in this project:

  • iOS and Android native app development
  • Integration with the client’s IT infrastructure
  • QA tests
  • Project management

We joined forces to create a tailor-made app that suits every client’s needs: fast, intuitive, and reliable. From the beginning, we work on new functionalities, we also try to improve the existing ones. The cooperation is great – Holdapp can adjust to our propositions of changes, it supports us, has a great technology stack, and offers an individual approach to our industry.


Benefits of mobile eCommerce app development

Increased sales

With a properly designed app that boosts engagement, you can encourage users to discover more products adjusted to their preferences.

More users

When your app ensures a good user experience on mobile devices, customers will recommend it to new users.

Higher cart value

If you analyze user behavior on mobile devices, you get to know your customers better and offer products they can be genuinely interested in.

Higher engagement

Mobile apps allow you to incorporate solutions that increase user engagement and make customers more interested in discovering your offer.

Better accessibility

Users can access your online store anywhere they are on smartphones. With a dedicated mobile app, it’s much more comfortable.

Closer bond with users

Thanks to mobile analytics, your knowledge about users increases, so you can design communication that builds a closer relationship with customers.

eCommerce app development process

Although the primary purpose of mobile eCommerce apps is the same, every brand has different business goals and users with different needs. That’s why we always adjust our app development process to the client’s requirements. Below, you can see what it usually looks like.


Kick-off & preparations

We begin with settling organizational issues in the kickoff phase. Our team gets to know the client and discusses all the elementary aspects of the project, including the scope, business goals, target groups, technology, budget, risks, tools, and methodology. At this point, we often do research and conduct the Product Discovery workshop. At the end of this stage, we prepare the initial version of the backlog.


UI Design

We aim to make the app intuitive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. So, we carefully analyze the info about target groups and industry standards, search for inspiration, and create wireframes. As a result, we design user interfaces that satisfy users.


Writing code & testing

This is the most time-consuming part of the process when software developers write code and QA specialists test if the app works as intended. We rely on the agile methodology and conduct this process in iterations. This way, our clients can easily control the progress and the budget. We ensure that they are up to date with the project status and plan our next moves together.


Product release

We make sure that the app meets the app stores’ requirements. Our team also helps upload the apps to Apple and Google Play platforms and advises on tests and materials the client’s team must prepare.



In this phase, we focus on improving the mobile app. The team detects and fixes bugs to make it more stable and user-friendly. Apart from that, we add new features. When new code is written and tested, we return to the Product Release stage and upload a new app version to the stores.

Technologies & integrations

  • Kotlin for Android
  • Swift for iOS
  • Flutter

  • Firebase Analytics
  • Synerise
  • AppsFlyer
  • Braze
  • New Relic
  • Facebook Analytics

  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Luigi’s Box
  • Tradedoubler
  • Shopify
  • Magento

Examples of eCommerce features in mobile apps

Icon: rocket


Show users what opportunities await them in the app. During the onboarding, you can present the key features and benefits right at the start.

Icon: budget

Various payment methods

Users should have multiple payment options when making online purchases, such as credit cards, bank transfers, BLIK, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.


App analytics

Get to know users’ behavioral patterns and preferences to improve the app and plan its development strategy. App analytics also helps you quickly detect anomalies.

Icon: puzzles

Profile customization

Give users a chance to adjust the app to their needs and allow personalization options. Customization can significantly improve their experience.

Icon: Selection

Many languages

Thanks to localization, users can see the content in languages they like, whether they have it set up as a system language or not.

Icon: adding components to an app

Easy-to-manage CMS

When your team wants to change text or some graphics in the app, it’s possible with an intuitive CMS.

Icon: Dialogue and questions

PUSH notifications

Send notifications to tell users about promotions or new collections, remind them about their cart, and encourage them to open the app.

Icon: configuration process

Intuitive information architecture

Users want to find products quickly. They can’t feel confused when using our app, so we always design user interfaces that facilitate searching the offer.

Icon: report

Simple checkout process

The success of eCommerce mobile apps depends highly on how easy the checkout process is. We make sure our user interfaces are intuitive and enable quick shopping.

Lists of favorites

Sometimes, users want to wait with a purchase for a promotion or a discount code. A list of favorite products lets them keep track of changing prices.

Loyalty programs

Build a better relationship with your customers and let them join your loyalty program. In the app, they can quickly check their points and status.

Icon: strategy

Multiple login methods

Give users a choice and let them log in how they prefer – with their social media accounts (Facebook, Google) or email addresses.

Our project: eCommerce app with home décor


The primary goal of this eCommerce app is to make shopping on mobile devices an entirely satisfactory experience. This online store offers home décor accessories and furniture. Homla is a source of inspiration for its users when it comes to interior design solutions.

Our responsibilities included:

  • Android and iOS app development
  • QA tests
  • Usability tests
  • Integration with the client’s IT infrastructure
  • UX/UI design
  • Project management

Our idea for an intuitive and functional app has been turned into reality by joint efforts. We have been ensured not only with technical support but also professional expertise and experience. During our cooperation, we created a beautiful app that offers a loyalty program and meets our users’ needs. Currently, we continue the cooperation, improve the existing functionalities, and create new ones.


About our app development company

Since 2012, Holdapp has been developing apps for various industries, including eCommerce.

Our mobile app for Answear, one of the leading eCommerce fashion stores, was nominated in the Mobile Trends Awards 2017. We also build the mobile app for Homla, one of Poland’s most significant store chains with home decor and furniture. featured this project in their article, among The Best App Designs.

The success of these projects is strongly related to our team’s experience and the critical role of user and technology research. We keep an eye on changing trends in design and technology, which helps us create innovative solutions that meet users’ and business goals.

Refine your product vision in the workshop

If your idea for the app still needs to be detailed or there are aspects you’d like to reconsider, participate in our Product Discovery workshop. It’s a great way to determine what elements should be included in the app to meet users’ needs and business goals.

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About our eCommerce app development services

How can we help you develop your eCommerce app?

No matter whether you already have a web eCommerce app and need a mobile version of it or you want a brand new app for mobile devices. In any case, we can help you out.

Our team will advise you on choosing the best platform and technology. We can also manage the project and support you in the Product Discovery phase. It is when ideation takes place. We can search for inspiration and analyze the competitors’ solutions during this stage. The team also chooses functionalities that should help you boost your company’s growth. We start by planning important features, move on to nice-to-haves, and finally, choose elements that shouldn’t be a part of MVP at all. Our UX designer will ensure the eCommerce app is aesthetically pleasing and the user interface is intuitive. When the UI design is ready, we write code and test the app in various ways to make sure it works flawlessly.

We also closely work with our clients in the maintenance stage and help them launch their products. So, if you don’t know how to choose an eCommerce app development company for your project, check out our portfolio.

How much does eCommerce mobile app development cost?

It depends on the project. The number of features and their complexity play an essential role in project cost estimation. So does the usage of non-standard technologies. Our eCommerce app developers and UX designers estimate the project cost individually to make it more accurate.

As a software development company, we usually work based on a time and materials billing model, but sometimes, we choose fixed-price agreements. It depends on many factors, such as the stage of the eCommerce app development process or the complexity of the project.

Why should you develop an eCommerce app?

It’s a good step towards creating an omnichannel experience. Mobile apps from the eCommerce industry are very popular. Customers like online shopping on mobile devices. Dedicated mobile apps make it easier and more satisfying, especially when you follow eCommerce app development best practices and carefully plan features and information architecture. Positive user experience builds a better brand image and makes customers more interested in your offer, leading to increased cart value and more frequent purchases.

Native apps or cross-platform apps – which option is better?

You can develop mCommerce apps with both technologies. The final choice should depend on several factors, such as the number of complex features, the selection of assets, libraries, usage of machine learning, etc. It’s best to ask an experienced eCommerce app development company to analyze your app strategy and discuss the technologies. They will tell you whether you should choose native app development or Flutter and which option will provide mobile users with the best experiences.

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