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Enjoy new business possibilities with a scalable app that maximizes efficiency and fully meets your unique needs.

What is a custom mobile app?

Custom apps are designed and developed in a way that answers unique business and users’ needs. It’s the right choice for startups and enterprises that seek something rare and have specific requirements that generic software products cannot provide.

The opposite of the custom mobile app is the off-the-shelf app. Such products can be used immediately, usually after some small adjustments. Although they are a good fit in some cases, many businesses face challenges that only custom software can address.

What are the benefits of custom mobile app development?

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Adding new features and scaling the app is easier when you work on custom software that was made exclusively for your business so you can develop apps more efficiently.

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Better security systems

Only customs apps allow you to implement such security features that fully address your needs. They are designed with your specific functionalities in mind, so the software is less prone to risks.

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Tailor-made solutions

When you develop a custom app, it’s easier to customize every element that you like. As a result, the app works and looks exactly as you want.

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More integrations

We often need to use integrations with third-party providers to enable industry-specific features and obtain data. Custom apps are built with such integrations in mind, so it’s easier to add them.


Goal-oriented development

You want the app to help you achieve specific business goals. When we design custom apps, we know your KPIs and create solutions that address them so you can grow your business effectively.

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Unique features and UI

In industries where the competition is strong, being positively different is essential. A unique set of features and aesthetically pleasing design allow your app to stand out.

Our custom app development services

Custom Android apps


We develop custom Android apps in native technology using Kotlin. Our specialists also know how to write native code with Java.

We have experience creating stunning user interfaces with Jetpack Compose in line with Material Design standards.

Custom iOS apps

Apple iOS

To build native apps for iOS, we use Swift. We know how important it is to design intuitive, eye-catching custom software, so we rely on Human Design guidelines. 

Our team has experience in developing user interfaces with SwiftUI.

Custom Flutter apps


To build your custom mobile app, we can also use cross-platform technology. Flutter allows us to develop one codebase that will work on iOS and Android mobile devices. We can even use it to create a web app for your business.

Custom app for personal development


LeggUP app - screens

It’s a custom cross-platform app for a platform that enables users professional and personal development, adjusted to their own needs.

Our responsibilities in this project:

  • Flutter app development
  • Integration with the client’s IT infrastructure
  • QA tests
  • Project management
  • Usability tests
  • UX/UI design

Custom mobile app development process

Custom mobile app development is always goal-oriented. So, first, we need to define your unique requirements and needs. Then, we figure out how to meet them. The app development process may differ in various projects, but clearly defined objectives are a must every time.


Product Discovery workshops

We start by working on a product vision. Our team conducts research on a potential target audience, the market, and technology. We analyze the insights together during the Product Discovery workshops. It helps us understand your users and business goals and create a promising product strategy with a great chance for success.


Kick-off & preparations

In this phase, we focus on organizational issues, which means we talk about the project objectives, billing model and budget, scope, tools, and technology. We finish this stage by preparing the initial version of the backlog.


UI and UX design

Our UX/UI designer prepares low-fidelity wireframes and then adds more details and interactions. The goal is to create an intuitive interface that makes navigation easier and looks aesthetically pleasing.


Writing code & testing

This stage takes the most time because that’s when mobile app developers write code and QA specialists test the app. We work in an interactive, agile process to allow you to monitor the progress and control the budget.


Product release

We help you publish the product and ensure that the app conforms to the guidelines set by the app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei AppGallery). We can advise you on tests that should be conducted before the app launch and materials required by stores.



After releasing the MVP, we make sure it works well. Our mobile app developers monitor its performance, fix bugs, and constantly optimize the app. At the same time, we work on the app’s growth. We analyze user behavior and design changes that will increase engagement and take your business closer to achieving your KPIs.

The Holdapp team was very professional and easy to work with. We chose Flutter because it gave us the ability to deliver a cross-platform app at the same time. Holdapp’s Flutter team was top notch and was able to meet our tight deadlines. The member feedback about the app has been very positive. We’re looking forward to collaborating with the team again.


Choose a reliable mobile app development company

Our team has been developing custom mobile apps since 2012. We help companies from all over the world to grow their businesses with top-notch software.

As an app development company, we build cross-platform and native mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. Our mobile app developers have up to 12 years of experience in projects for clients who represent various industries, such as eCommerce, personal development, or sports betting.

Let us help you shape the product vision

If you want to plan features in detail and discuss your ideas with experienced software developers, take part in our Product Discovery workshop. We will help you choose the best solutions for your business.

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Who should consider custom mobile apps?

It’s recommended for companies with unique needs that require out-of-the-box solutions. Custom apps make customization much easier, so you can ensure that your product looks and works exactly as you want. UI is designed with all your brand guidelines and industry standards in mind, including elements created especially for your users. For example, based on behavioral patterns detected during user tests or prior web analytics.

Custom mobile app development is also worth considering when you know you want to scale the app, add new functionalities, and implement third-party components. With off-the-shelf apps, it’s much more difficult.

This solution is also the right choice when you need a robust security system. Standard safety measures may not be enough in some cases, so it’s best to design them individually for your project.

How much does it cost to create a custom app?

The cost of every project depends on many factors, so we estimate it individually. What’s important? For example, the number and complexity of features, usage of non-standard technologies, the billing model (time and material or fixed price), etc.

If you want to know the estimated price for your project, contact us and tell us about your ideas.

What are the pros of custom apps?

When it comes to benefits, we’ve already mentioned scalability, easy customization, and higher security. But custom apps offer more.

They allow you to stand out from the competition and show users something unique that they haven’t seen before. They are also better adjusted to your business and users’ needs, increasing your chances for market success.

What’s more, custom software is often perceived as more efficient because every element is usually designed in a way that optimizes the process.

What are the cons of custom apps?

No solution is perfect, so it’s best to know the cons of custom apps. Probably the most important one is the higher development cost. Off-the-shelf products are ready to use and more generic. As a consequence, they’re cheaper compared to many custom mobile apps that are designed specifically for one project.

Another factor we need to mention is the longer time to market. Building an app from scratch is a complicated process that takes time. When you choose an off-the-shelf product, you usually can only make small changes and launch the app.

What makes custom application development special?

The reason why we build custom mobile apps is because we want them to serve a clearly defined purpose. That’s why we recommend starting such projects from the Product Discovery workshop. It involves conducting thorough research concerning users, market trends, competition, technology, and the business. During such sessions, we also look at the product from different perspectives and analyze it.

It’s the best way to create a product vision with objectives the entire team agrees on. It helps us work more efficiently during the development process and makes it easier to create apps people are interested in.

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