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Benefits of native iOS app development



Even if there are many hardware-based features, such as NFC payments, GPS, or Bluetooth, a native iOS application still works efficiently and fast.

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Native products have UI elements characteristic to iOS, so the app is better adjusted to iPhone users’ expectations, and it’s easier for them to take full advantage of the application.

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Whether you want to add new features or make improvements, with native iOS app you can do it faster, compared to cross-platform applications.

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If we use native API, when the system gets updated there’s no need to change the code of the already released application.

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Swift is strongly-typed language, so IDE identifies potential errors early, when developer’s still writing code.

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Why should you choose iOS app development?

iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world. It shared around 26% of the market in 2020, according to StatCounter.

In certain countries, such as the USA or Japan, there are even more iOS than Android users. And they spend much more money on the App Store – $72.3 billion vs $38.6 billion on Google Play in 2020, as Sensor Tower reports.

Needless to say, iOS development can boost business growth. It’s definitely an option to consider if you want to offer in-app purchases, but it gives you much more than this. Especially, when you develop iOS apps in native technology that ensures better performance.

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Swift – a programming language for iOS app development

Which language is used for iOS development? We build iPhone and iPad apps with Swift. It’s a programming language created by Apple that became an open-source project.

What makes it special? Swift has an intuitive and clear syntax, so the development becomes faster. It’s also easier for software engineers to avoid errors. To make Swift even more bug-proof, Xcode – the developer’s tool – offers REPL. It’s a solution that evaluates the code and detects potential errors.

Before Swift, Objective-C was the main language used for iOS development. Nevertheless, we have Objective-C specialists on board, in case you want to work on your existing application written with this programming language.

Apart from native languages, we build iOS mobile applications with Flutter. It’s Google’s technology, mostly used for cross-platform app development.

Comprehensive iOS development services

Apple iOS

iOS app development

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QA testing

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Project management

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UX/UI design

iOS app development
tools & technologies


  • Swift
  • CleanSwift
  • Rest API, GraphQL
  • Rx libraries
  • Realm
  • Firebase
  • WatchKit


  • Bitrise
  • Fastlane


  • Zeplin
  • UXPin
  • Sketch
  • Figma


  • Firebase Crashlytics

About our iOS app development services

Intuition can be useful but it’s best to build your app with someone who recommends the improvements based on something more than just loose assumptions.

At our mobile development company, we start every project with research and combine the insights with the knowledge we gained while working on the projects.

Our iOS developers have a minimum of 4 years of experience. They know how to create mobile apps that bring real value to both our clients and users. They can also advise you on business and technology-related issues.

Building an application without a leader is like sailing a ship without a captain. So, we provide project management services. If you don’t need a project manager we have mobile app developers onboard who can take on a role of technical project coordinators. Either way a dedicated person keeps an eye on the entire workflow and takes care of the product release process, so delays are not an option.

And what about testing? Quality assurance is among our priorities, too. Every application we offer to users has been previously checked by QA specialists who make sure we deliver only top-tier products. At Holdapp, there are 2 software developers per one QA specialist, so we can thoroughly test each app.

iOS app development stages

We’ve been building iOS apps since 2012. Over the years, we optimized the mobile app development process, so we can achieve the best results in the most efficient way.


Kick-off & Preparations

We start off with several meetings with a client. It’s the time when everyone involved in a project gets to know each other. We also define our roles and responsibilities. Then, we talk about the MVP strategy, estimate the costs, and set up the first deadlines. At this stage, we need to agree upon the communication standards as well. As a result, our team presents the plan for the next weeks. Once the organizational issues are set up, software developers are introduced to the scope of the project. Then, the iOS team creates an initial version of the backlog and discusses the best technologies. They also analyze the risks and choose the right tools.





If UX/UI project is in scope, we prepare the designs based on such tools as personas or wireframes and create the design of the application that is both functional and visually attractive.


Development & Testing

This stage is divided into iterations (sprints) as we follow the agile methodologies. The team meets every day to discuss the progress. We also regularly show the results to a client. After each sprint, we organize a retrospective meeting to define what was good and what needs to be changed in order to optimize the development process. The outcome of every iteration is a product – ready to be tested by our QA specialist.


Product Release

We’re in charge of the product launch – our team adjusts the app, according to the App Store’s requirements, and gives you ASO recommendations. We also let you know what resources we need for the release, such as a product description, graphics, and legal information.



This stage is similar to the development phase. We make improvements, add new features, and ensure product stability. When each new version of the app is finished, we go back to the Product Release stage.

The iOS app for an online marketplace

This app is a platform where users can sell goods and services. We’ve made the iOS version with Swift.

It’s been created with good communication in mind. Anytime a customer wants to contact a seller, he can simply send them a message via live chat and ask about the delivery, or the products.

In the app users can create accounts and check their transaction history. Within the application, users can also see a detailed  listing with a photo gallery, description, a map, etc.

A rich number of features doesn’t slow down the app and native technologies are one of the main reasons why.

Build an iOS app with us

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