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Benefits of using Kotlin for the Android app development



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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for building web, cross-platform and Android apps, among others. Both well-known brands and start-ups use it.

According to StackOverflow 2020 survey, it is the fourth most loved programming language by developers. The key to its popularity is simplicity. JetBrains team, Kotlin’s creator, made sure it is clear and intuitive, so it makes the Android development easier.

As a result, Kotlin is appreciated by software engineers who can spend less time creating native components. Product owners are no less interested in its benefits. It allows them to release even complex products earlier and enjoy the profits sooner.

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Kotlin – programming language recommended by Google

Kotlin is currently an open-source project and it offers software engineers more and more possibilities. Even Google saw its potential and chose it as a preferred programming language for Android development in 2019. With this very platform in mind, we create native apps using Kotlin in Android Studio. Depending on clients’ needs, we build Kotlin applications from scratch or add new components.


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Why choose Kotlin for your Android app?

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01 Better performance

Clear, intuitive code lets Android developers quickly add new elements to mobile apps, whereas the access to extensive libraries of Java and Kotlin, and the official Android SDK makes the development easier. It also boosts the effectiveness of the entire process.

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02 Shorter development time

The conciseness of Kotlin programming language means less code is needed to create a component. It also means less time is required for the development of the app. Its simple structure optimizes the process of programming and speeds it up.


03 Cost savings and protection from errors

Build-in protection that detects null pointer exceptions, clear code, static code analysis tool, and large community – it all prevents software developers from making errors. This is also helpful because it lets companies save time and resources usually spend on fixing bugs.

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04 Customization

Using native gestures and UI elements makes apps more intuitive. As a result, users can reach their goals faster. It is more satisfactory and encourages them to discover new features.

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05 More possibilities

Kotlin can easily access system components. So, building features that are based on the elements of hardware (such as GPS, Bluetooth, or a camera) is more simple. This is especially important for every growth-driven business. Why? In the case of native apps, there aren’t so many limitations concerning new components.

Build your Kotlin app with us

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Kotlin is the right choice when...

  • your app uses many native elements of the device, such as a camera or microphone
  • Android UI elements are important to you, as well as easy access to the solutions characteristic of this platform
  • the app needs to work in offline mode
  • target users often have Android devices
  • high performance plays an important role 
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Kotlin vs Java

For many years Java was the main programming language for developing Android apps. But younger Kotlin has taken its place some time ago. What triggered this change? Conciseness is one of the main reasons.

Kotlin has clear syntax and it usually takes fewer lines of code to build a component, compared to Java. What’s more, this modern programming language allows us to use function operators and provides many helpful features. Sometimes there’s even no need to use the libraries.

It all shortens the time required to develop a mobile app. So, if you want to add new components, keep in mind that Kotlin lets you achieve the same effects as Java, only faster.

Our apps made with Kotlin

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Native Android app for trans.INFO,
a popular website and forum about transport and logistics with over 40 000 articles. It’s visited by 1.5 mln readers every month. trans.INFO app provides its users with the latest news on logistics, delivery chain and transport.
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Legal Bookmakers Award 2019:
1st prize in Best Mobile App category

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Native app for one of the leading bookmakers in Poland. With forBET users can make sports bets anytime and anywhere. They also can stay up to date with current promotions and upcoming events.
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Mobile Trends Awards 2023: Winner in M-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT category

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M-commerce app for online fashion retailer with clothes, shoes, and accessories from over 400 brands.
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Mobile Trends Awards 2021: Everyday Life category

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Native Android and iOS apps for a free online marketplace where users sell and buy services and goods. Sprzedajemy.pl is dedicated mostly to individual sellers. It’s integrated with Facebook to let users verify each other’s credibility.
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