User Experience Audit

Improve the usability of your app with UX analysis. Increase customer engagement and achieve better results.

What is a User Experience audit?

It’s the analysis of the app that puts the user experience at the center. The goal is to identify elements that have a negative impact on usability and evoke such emotions as frustration or confusion.

With this audit, you’ll find out what kind of changes your product needs. You’ll also get to know what solutions will allow you to achieve the goals your app was made for.

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When should you consider this audit?

  • You see that user engagement is low and people aren’t interested in trying out the app’s features.
  • Users often uninstall the app soon after downloading it, even though no technical issues have been detected.
  • The conversion rate is low.
  • The app hasn’t been edited in a while and you find it hard to choose the priorities when it comes to planning changes.
  • The app is yet to be released but you want to check beforehand if its design is user-friendly.


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Improved usability

When the app isn’t intuitive, users look for alternatives. This audit can help you avoid this by indicating problematic issues and recommending improvements.

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Increased user engagement

We recommend solutions that should make users more eager to explore the various possibilities your app offers.


More conversions

We’ll suggest changes that will make using the app easier. It should have a positive impact on the number of conversions.

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Support in continuous development

You’ll get to know app design best practices. So, when planning new features, you’ll be able to choose the best solutions.

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Better brand's image

After the improvements, using the app should become a more positive experience. It’ll increase the chances that people will recommend your product.

Process step by step



We talk to stakeholders and people from your team with the most extensive knowledge about the product. This way, we collect information about your business goals and assumptions, and about the app itself – its target audience, features, problems it solves, etc.


Data analysis

Both qualitative and quantitative data are important. So, we delve into the reports and other available sources of information that can tell us more about your users, the app, and the competition.


App analysis

At this stage, we focus on the most important user flows. We try to achieve the same goals as your target group. Cognitive walkthrough and heuristic evaluation help us discover which elements of the app require changes.


Creating the report

After finishing the analysis, our specialist creates a detailed report with recommended improvements.

What do you get with our audit?

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We tell you what problems related to UX there are in your app, what causes them, and how they impact the overall perception of your product.

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Every problem is assigned a category that indicates how critical it is. This way you get to know which issues need to be taken care of in the first place.

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Our recommendations for improvements take into account your goals and the available budget.

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Improvement plans

You can choose between two plans. The basic one solves critical problems. The complex plan involves the implementation of all the suggested changes.




It tells you what methods lead us to our conclusions and allows you to understand what our recommendations stem from.


Methods of analysis

Cognitive walkthrough – it enables us to evaluate if the app is intuitive. We verify whether it’s easy to find particular elements of the interface and if their purpose is obvious. Our specialist takes up a user’s role. They go through the path that leads to a goal the target audience considers important. This could be, for example, a product purchase or finding a piece of information.

Heuristic evaluation – it checks whether the app’s design is compliant with the usability principles, namely Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics.

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