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Quick way of building cross-platform apps

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a technology designed by Google. What’s important, it contains SDK, which allows software engineers to build fully fledged mobile apps easily. It is mostly used for the development of cross-platform apps that work on iOS and Android devices.

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Benefits of Flutter

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Faster development

All we need is to build one app that works both on iOS and Android.
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Reduced cost

Smaller team engaged in a project means reduced expenses.
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Easy to test

Quick preview of the changes in UI allows us to test the solutions faster.
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Dart – programming language for Flutter

Knowledge of Dart is essential to build mobile apps in Flutter technology. It’s
an object-oriented programming language with a structure that resembles Java or C#. Dart in more intuitive though, and this facilitates and speeds up development process.

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Why Flutter is the right choice?


01 Quick app development with smaller budget

Flutter is a proposition for those who want to release a product as soon as possible and their budget is limited. Why? Instead of building two native apps, you just stick with one. This means engaging smaller team of specialists and less time needed for development


Smartphone with Android system

02 Hot reload

We can see all the changes in UI right after the implementation. Hot reload feature makes it possible. At the same time, it significantly optimizes development process. The results? Errors are detected at an early stage, many solutions can be quickly tested and we are able to make better decisions that impact UX.

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03 Shorter development time

If a new feature has to be added quickly, Flutter is also at our service. Even if the app is a native one. All we need to do is to create one component in Flutter that can be added to iOS or Android app. Unless this specific feature relies on system components, there is no need to waste time on the development of two native solutions.

Mobile App in Flutter

04 Wide range of components

Flutter allows us to choose from many native libraries and ready-to-use components. As a result, the app gives access to some features and elements characteristic for iOS or Android platform. Thanks to this user can enjoy navigation elements he knows well.

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Flutter vs native app

Even though Flutter has many advantages, it will not always be the best choice. In some cases native apps turn out to be more useful. They also give us more opportunities to adjust products to user needs.

When it is better to choose native technologies over cross-platform ones?


  • you want to release the app as soon as possible
  • your budget is limited
  • design of the app has to be identical on iOS and Android.


  • the less memory it takes, the better
  • the project requires many integrations with system components
  • you need 100% efficient product working in the offline mode.

Not sure what kind of app should you choose?

 Find out when it is better to build a native app for your business.

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Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera) app - repertoir
Opera Wrocławska app - repertoir

android / ios

Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera)

The mobile app for Wrocław Opera is the first production realized by Holdapp using Flutter technology. The app offers users access to the full theater repertoire and news related to this cultural institution. 
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