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Build digital products with our Flutter app development company and choose the efficient cross-platform technology for your iOS and Android application. 

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Benefits of Flutter app development


Faster app development

When using Flutter, you build apps with one codebase that works on iOS, Android, web, and even desktops. Creating native applications separately for each platform takes more time, so this technology is the best way to speed up the development process.

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Reduced cost

There’s only one cross-platform application that you want to build, so you just need one group of experts in Flutter technology. With native solutions, you must work with dedicated Android and iOS developers, and this impacts the overall cost of the project.

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Easy to test

A quick preview of the changes in UI allows us to check if the implemented solutions work correctly, in no time. It’s possible thanks to a hot reload feature that becomes irreplaceable also when we want to quickly make sure there are no bugs.

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What is Flutter?

It’s a set of tools with SDK, mostly used for the development of cross-platform apps. Flutter software can work both on iOS and Android devices, so there’s no need to build two separate applications – one codebase is enough.

Flutter has been designed by Google and released for the first time in 2017. Ever since then, new versions come up regularly, improving Flutter’s performance adding new supported platforms, such as MacOS, Linux, and web. With each version, more packages and Flutter widgets are released which helps software developers build their apps even faster.

This technology allows software developers to build fully-fledged web and mobile apps easily. It’s very popular among professionals. Flutter earned 3rd place on the podium as one of the most loved frameworks, libraries, and tools (other than web frameworks and languages) in the StackOverflow 2020 survey. It even outranked its main competitor – React Native – which took 10th place. No wonder it has enthusiasts in our software development company

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Dart – programming language for Flutter

Flutter is based on Dart. It’s an object-oriented programming language with a structure that resembles Java or C#. Dart is more intuitive, though. This facilitates and speeds up the Flutter app development process.

As stated on the official Flutter website, Dart is type-safe and executes sound null safety. What does it mean? This language helps Flutter developers avoid a situation when a variable’s value doesn’t match its static type. This way there is less chance to make a mistake, and the work on a project can go smoothly.

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Why Flutter is the right choice?


01 Quick app development with smaller budget

Flutter is definitely an option to consider for those who want to release a product for two operating systems as soon as possible and their budget is limited. Why? Instead of building two native apps, you just stick with one. This means engaging a smaller team of specialists and less time needed for development. 


Smartphone with Android system

02 Hot reload

This feature is the reason why we can see all the changes in the user interface (UI) right after the implementation. The hot reload makes it possible.

When we update the code, it gets injected into Dart VM which subsequently updates the classes, enabling Flutter to refresh the widgets. Then, voilà! You can see if your changes really work as planned. Hot reload also significantly optimizes a development process.

The results? Errors are detected at an early stage, many solutions can be quickly tested, and we are able to make better decisions that positively impact UX on iOS and Android devices.

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Flutter vs native apps

Even though Flutter has many advantages, it will not always be the best choice. In some cases, native apps turn out to be more useful. They also give us more opportunities to adjust products to user needs.

When it is better to choose native technologies over cross-platform ones?


  • you want to release the mobile app for two platforms as soon as possible,
  • you need to add new features on iOS and Android at the same time,
  • you plan to release other kinds of apps, such as web or PC and macOS,
  • your budget is limited.


  • the project requires many integrations with system components,
  • the UI design must be platform-specific,
  • the less memory the application needs, the better.

Not sure if a cross-platform app is best for you?

Usually, Flutter apps are recommended when you want to build one product for two operating systems simultaneously. But there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to mobile app development. Find out more about native mobile apps and check whether they would be better for your business.

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Comprehensive Flutter app development services


Cross-platform app development

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QA tests

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Project Management

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UX/UI design

Technology & tools


  • Dart
  • BLoC/Cubit
  • Riverpod
  • Injectable
  • Hive
  • Rive


  • Bitrise
  • GitLab
  • Codemagic


  • Firebase Analytics
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Sentry
  • Flutter DevTools


  • Zeplin
  • UXPin
  • Sketch
  • Figma

Our Flutter app for a cultural institution

Wroclaw Opera

Opera Wrocławska - aplikacja

The mobile app for the Wroclaw Opera is the first Flutter app we made at Holdapp.

It allows users to check the repertoire and purchase tickets to the events. They can be downloaded anytime, as they’re always available after logging in to the account. In the application, users can also read the latest news concerning Opera.

Mobile app development with Flutter

Over the years, we’ve created many mobile apps for multiple industries. All this time, we were collecting insights and developing the most efficient ways of operating, so the process of Flutter app development can run smoothly.



Kick-off & preparations

On the first leg of the project, we settle organizational issues. We choose the best collaboration model and get to know each others’ roles. At this stage, we discuss the main goals and estimate the cost of the mobile app development. Then, we define a scope of MVP by setting up the elementary requirements. The team plans what will have to be done next, prepares the first outline of a backlog, chooses the technologies, and selects the tools. We also analyze what problems we might come across during the entire development process.



If we are responsible for the UI/UX project of a Flutter application, we base on in-depth research on potential users and the analysis of competition. We also use a set of tools, such as persona descriptions or wireframes to prepare the most functional designs.


Development & tests

We follow an Agile approach, so our Flutter development process is divided into iterations. Each of them results in a testable product. During this stage, we meet every day to check the status and see what progress we make. After every iteration, we share the insights and verify what can be improved. In an agreed period, we present the results to a client.



When we create the first fully-fledged version of the mobile app, we start a deployment phase and prepare for the release on Google Play and App Store. Our task is to take care of every step of this process. We might only need legal information from clients, such as a statement about data they want to collect, and marketing materials (e.g., graphics, product description).



Even though the Flutter app has been published, our work is not done yet. This phase is the extension of the development stage. We need to ensure the stability of the application, fix potential bugs, and improve or add new features, so your product could offer users the best experience, all the time.

Build your Flutter apps with us

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Why it is best to Flutter apps with us?

Our mobile app development company has been established in 2012, and all our software developers have at least 4 years of experience. We’ve built over 60 apps for clients from multiple industries, such as e-commerce, sports betting, or cryptocurrency. When you cooperate with us, you can rest assured that your app is developed by specialists who have gained insights in multiple projects.

We offer comprehensive services. Software developers aren’t the only ones who make sure the apps work seamlessly – we also have a professional QA team that thoroughly tests every product on various types of devices.

Depending on your needs, we can either assign a project manager to help you organize the work or an experienced developer who can be a technical project coordinator. They know how to build apps efficiently. Even if the team works in different time zones, it doesn’t slow down Flutter development. Poland is where our office is but we cooperate remotely with companies from many countries. Our work is organized in such a way to keep everyone up to date and constantly achieve the goals.

As part of our services, we can also help you create UX/UI design of the app. Our specialist will make sure the apps offers the best user experience on different mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

UX designer, Flutter developer, QA tester, Project Manager, and Product Owner work hand in hand to create a satisfying product that boosts business growth.


Our Flutter app for personal development


ios / android


The app offers easy access to coaching and therapy sessions. It's a part of the platform for employees and focuses on personal wellbeing and professional development.
Find out more


Is Flutter a programming language?

Flutter is a technology based on the Dart language. This means that a software developer who works on Flutter apps must know how to write code in Dart.

This language is getting more and more popular. In the StackOverflow 2020 survey, 62.1% of developers voted for Dart as for the language they use and want to continue using it.

Is Flutter good for e-commerce mobile app development?

Flutter can be used in m-commerce projects, but it depends on your needs and requirements. If the number of native features is high, you might want to consider Swift or Kotlin.

What are the problematic features? For example, content search based on an image, GPS (useful in case of delivery), payment gates, etc.

If there are a lot of them, the development of your Flutter app will take more time. and using native languages may be required, anyway. It might also impact the performance.

Not sure what would be best in case of your application? Tell us about your ideas and we’ll recommend you right technologies.

Is Flutter good for startups?

Google’s technology is often the best choice for startups. Flutter allows us to reach a wide audience with one app – both Android and iOS users. This way they can easily test the idea for an app and check out whether it really meets users’ needs. Flutter is also recommended to companies with a smaller budget (development of one app is cheaper than building two native apps), so. that’s another win for startups.

Is Flutter better than Swift or Kotlin?

There is no simple answer for that. For example, it depends on who your audience is, what is your budget, how much time you have for the mobile app development, or what kind of features your app must offer.

In general, Flutter is a better option when you need to release the product on two platforms sooner rather than later, your resources are limited, and the number of features based on system components is low.

But after all, each project is different. To choose the best option, better consult software developers who have experience in different technologies. They will analyze your ideas and decide whether you should crate Flutter apps or choose native languages.

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