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Achieve your goals with the sports betting app that engages users. Our team will build a stable software your business can rely on.

Our services for sports betting industry

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Mobile app development

Sports betting apps are usually complex. When fast performance is a must and many advanced features are required, we recommend the development of native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Web development

We can help you build and maintain sports betting web platforms as part of our front-end development services.

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UX/UI design

When the app offers various types of bets in many sports, it’s easy to get lost. So, we prepare the design that facilitates betting and improves the user experience.

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App testing

Flawlessly working and fast apps increase your chance for success. Our QA testers detect the bugs and checks if the software functions according to requirements.


Software audit

You think your existing online solution requires improvements? We’ll audit it and recommend changes that should boost its performance.

Professional and adaptable, Holdapp works in sprints to meet deadlines. They’re able to keep up with the platform’s fast-paced expansion.

Marcin Jamiołkowski Head of IT, forBET Zakłady Bukmacherskie Sp z o.o.

Why build sports betting software with us?

8 years in betting software development industry

In 2016, we started cooperation with one of the leading sports betting companies on the Polish market.

Only seniors onboard

Our software developers have from 4 to 12 years of experience in app programming.

Award-winning sports betting software provider

We have received Legal Bookmakers Award 2019 in the Best Mobile App category for the forBET app.

You already have a web app? Build a mobile software for betting business

With a growing popularity of mobile apps, relying solely on web solutions might not be enough. Whether you already have a web betting platform or not, our sports betting app development company can build a mobile software for you.

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Sports betting app for one of the industry leaders


Our team has built native mobile apps and the Apple Watch app for one of the biggest sports betting companies in Poland. We currently maintain this software. Our goal is to provide users with the best performance and enable steady business growth.

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Sports betting integrations with the external systems

Our team can connect your app with solutions from external providers. This way, we create a better user experience.

  • Streaming services – allow people to watch the games without quitting the app. Enable live streaming of the sports events thanks to integrations with YouTube, Twitch, Betradar, or IMG Gaming.
  • Real-time stats – users want to be up to date with the current scores. We can integrate your app with the Statscore database so they can check real-time statistics on the fly.

We also add integrations with other popular providers like TVBET. The selection of the solutions depends mainly on your needs and technical requirements.

More possibilities thanks to GraphQL

Our team has experience developing custom GraphQL solutions, allowing us to build software for sports betting with features that work efficiently and improve the UX.

Why choose dedicated mobile betting software?

In 2020, COVID-19 showed us that digitalization of sports betting services is essential. But even when stationary points are open, web and mobile platforms are still more available to users. Undoubtedly, it’s easier to wage bets when all you have to do is open the app on your smartphone.

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Benefits for users and the business

The ultimate purpose of building and maintaining sports betting software is to boost the business growth. Developing mobile solutions can help you achieve this goal in many ways.

Better accessibility – more users

For new users, it’s easier to start their journey with betting when all they need is available on their smartphones. They can find many tips online and apply them immediately.

However, even old practitioners will find mobile applications useful. When there’s no need to leave home to make a bet or check the odds, they are more likely to take advantage of these services. Thanks to mobile betting, users can conveniently access sportsbook solutions anywhere they want.

To make your app even more accessible, we can create a dedicated version for smartwatches and tablets.

Active users

Attracting new people to your online sports betting platform is not enough. You have to convince them to stay. At this point, a mobile app comes to the rescue. With push notifications, users are reminded about special offers or events they might consider valuable. The app icon on their home screens is also a reminder to check the betting odds.

Sports betting software with online casino


CZ forBET app mockup

We have experience in app development for a Czech sports betting market. For our client, we have created an app with the casino feature. It gives users access to a wide variety of games and ensures a high safety level, so important in case of sports betting solutions.

Sports betting solutions that boost user engagement

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They allow users to be up to date with the changes and encourage them to open the app in case there’s a chance of a gain.

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User-friendly onboarding

The first encounter with the app is vital when it comes to introducing users to your sports betting business. It’s important to design an onboarding process that truly helps users.

List of favorites

It enables easy access to sports that interest users the most. It also makes the betting process faster.

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The ability to exchange thoughts in real-time allows users to make decisions faster. The possibility of asking questions and receiving answers immediately is also a big help.

Discovery workshops for a better betting experience

Whether you already have the app or build a new one from scratch, you need to know what elements it must have. Take part in our Product Discovery workshop and identify the opportunities for your sports betting software development project.

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Key elements in sports betting app development

Fast performance

Users always expect the app to run quickly, but this is especially important in live betting, where every second counts. Our team worked out solutions that reduce the server load during the game, allowing the app to perform faster.

Quick response to changes

Efficient risk management is essential in apps, which are the core element of the business. Our developers create the software that lets us and our clients make quick changes and avoid critical problems.

Easy navigation

When the app enables betting on many different sports events in numerous disciplines, navigating it can be a real challenge. Carefully designed information architecture can ensure a great user experience that makes achieving goals easier.

Up-to-date information

People who use an online sportsbook solution want to quickly check important information about games and bets. Using the right database, we can give them access to statistics displayed in real-time.

Bet types available in apps

The more sports and bet types are available in the app, the better. Our team can prepare the app with as many popular sports from your database as you wish. Whether you want to offer, for example, pre-match bets, live bets, quick bets, straight or system bets, we’re here to make it happen.

How do we work on a sports betting apps?

Our sports betting software development company chooses the agile approach with every project and work in iterations (sprints). This way, you can constantly monitor the progress and quickly react to changes.

The team comprises experts in various fields, such as iOS and Android development, QA testing, UX/UI design, and project management.

If you want to know more about our process, check out our free ebook.


How to publish a sportsbook software?

According to Google Play’s policy, it’s impossible to launch a sports betting app on that store. But this doesn’t mean that Android users have no access to custom betting software on their devices. They can still download it directly from your website. Our sports betting software development team can help you make it possible step by step so your users won’t feel confused. For iOS users, this is not the problem.

What is our experience in building apps?

Since 2012, we have been building apps for various industries, and in 2016, we started a first cooperation with a sports betting company. Native app development is our specialty, but we also have web and Flutter developers on our team. Check out our portfolio to learn more about our experience.

How much does it cost to build a sports betting software?

The total cost depends on the project. If you want to know what it looks like in your case, tell us about your app. We’ll send you the initial estimation. To understand how much it costs to build complex apps, look at our pricing.

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Code Audit

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