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Reach more users with one cross-platform app that works on iOS and Android systems.

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Benefits of cross-platform
app development

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Smaller budget

It takes only one software developer to build the app that works on two platforms.


Time savings

You can build one app that works on both iOS and Android instead of two native apps.

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More users

With a cross-platform app you reach users who have devices with Android and users who use iPhones or iPads.

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What is a cross-platform app?

It’s a kind of mobile app that works on different operating systems. All it takes is to build one codebase, and a cross-platform app will work equally well on iOS and Android devices. 

The reason why companies choose cross-platform apps is usually the budget. Development cost is lower compared with two native apps, and it takes less time to build one application.

Flutter for cross-platform development

What is Flutter?

Building mobile and web apps


There are two particularly popular technologies for cross-platform app development – Flutter and React Native. At Holdapp, we use the first one.

Flutter is a dynamically growing toolkit designed by Google. It is based on Dart – an intuitive and easy-to-learn language, especially for developers who already know Java.

This cross-platform technology gives software engineers access to many libraries and frameworks, such as Material Components for Flutter.

The fact that Flutter can be connected to native modules also speaks in its favor. This enables, for example, sending PUSH notifications or listening to music. However, it isn’t possible when we only use Flutter. Developers have to create a code in native languages, such as Kotlin or Swift.

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What are the pros of cross-platform app development?


01 Reduced cost

Instead of two apps, there’s just one. This means one mobile app development team covers the whole project. There’s no need to hire Android and iOS specialists – at least not full-time. You only need one group of experts who know cross-platform technologies, so the final cost of the project is lower.



Building one cross-platform app takes less time than creating two native products. What’s more, software engineers can choose from many ready-to-use components which speeds up mobile app development. This comes in handy when you work on short deadlines.

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You only need to build one product – a Flutter app – that both iOS and Android users can download. It allows you to reach more people with one application. Whereas with native technologies, you need two apps. Each one dedicated to a different system.

Our cross-platform development services


Flutter app development

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Project management

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QA tests

UX/UI design

Our cross-platform app for a cultural institution

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Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera) app - repertoir
Opera Wrocławska app - repertoir

ios / android

Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera)

The mobile app for Wrocław Opera is the first production realized by Holdapp using Flutter technology. The app offers users access to the full theater repertoire and news related to this cultural institution. 
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When should you build a cross-platform app?

Flutter app development is a good idea if:

  • you want to build the app for multiple platforms as soon as possible,
  • you have a limited budget,
  • feature updates for the Android and iOS should be released exactly at the same,
  • the app doesn’t need access to many native components (such as a camera or music player).

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Are Flutter apps better than native ones?

Flutter is recommended mostly for the development of simple applications when there aren’t too many system features. For example, cross-platform mobile development is perfect when you want to release an MVP to check if your idea for a product needs any improvements.

Native apps written with Swift or Kotlin are a better way to go when you want to have apps with advanced features and many of them use system components. Native technologies are also a good option when you need to make quick updates – adding new functionalities to Kotlin and Swift apps takes less time.

Designing UI in native apps

Cross-platform or native app development?

If you have any doubts about choosing the technology for your mobile app, let us know what product you want to build. We will look into it and advise you whether it’s best to develop a cross-platform app or a native one.

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