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What is the UI design of apps?

Every time you use a mobile app, all you see are user interface elements. Someone must have planned how this app should look and interact with users. This process is called user interface (UI) design.

UI design is a part of the user experience design domain. It puts the visual side and interactions in the center of attention. It involves, for example, deciding what components should appear on each view and in what order, what colors the buttons must have, how the icons will be displayed, and what the navigational system should look like.

The final design has to be intuitive, accessible, visually pleasing, and in line with the company’s image.


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Why trust us with the UI design of your product?

  • When designing user interfaces, we always have UX principles in mind. This allows us to create projects that users find visually attractive and intuitive.
  • Our UX/UI team monitors trends in the user interface design of both web and mobile apps (for iOS and Android). So, the final look of your digital product is more appealing and meets user expectations.
  • We know how important it is to engage users and make them want to discover what your app offers. Thus, our projects aim to increase interest in the app. This way, we get you closer to achieving business goals.
  • As part of our process, we look into your branding guidelines. As a result, the app design is visually coherent with your online and offline materials.

Benefits of carefully planned UI design

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Intuitive interface

When UI design is user-friendly, performing actions goes smoothly. So, our UI designer makes sure that your app is entirely intuitive. As a result, we deliver a frictionless experience to your users and help them get their things done faster.

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More engagement, less churn

Carefully designed features encourage users to explore the app and discover its content. We achieve this goal by delivering personalized experiences adjusted to your users’ needs.



Our UI project is consistent with your brand’s visual guidelines, tone of voice, and communication style. A well-looking design with UI that evokes a positive user experience builds a better image of your brand.

User interface design process


Research & analysis

We start by gathering information on users, market trends, and competition. UI designers also get to know the business better. For example, the project goals, communication style, and branding guidelines. It helps them create projects that reflect brand values and appeal to a target audience. At this point, we often recommend a Product Discovery workshop. It allows the development team to understand the users and project objectives better and come up with promising ideas.


Low-fidelity wireframes

The UX/UI designers create simple hand-drawn wireframes with only basic UI components for the primary user flows in the app. If this project gets the approval, they move it to a digital UI tool and add more details, such as fonts, buttons, and colors. They begin with designing essential features as they have top priority.


High-fidelity wireframes

When the app’s basic UI is approved, we design the lacking views and add the details. We also complete the set of elements by designing, for example, notifications, error messages, etc.



Having high-fidelity wireframes ready, designers add interactions to their projects and create interactive prototypes with the primary user flows. Such prototypes enable us to conduct user testing. Based on such tests, we make changes that improve the app’s usability. When the design project gets an approval, developers can start writing code.

What do you get as part of our UI design services?

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We prepare a user interface project with user goals and business objectives in mind. All views in the app are both visually attractive and functional.

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In addition to a design project, we create a style guide with information about visual standards used in the app, such as color theme, font styles, set of icons, etc.

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Our designers are available during the entire project lifecycle. They can make changes that may be necessary in later phases of the development process.



We apply our knowledge of UX design principles when designing interfaces so the app looks good and, at the same time, provides users with the best experience.

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After the launch of the app’s first version, we design new elements and make changes to the UI to constantly improve usability and make the app even better.

4 facts about our UI design services

Our well-planned UI design process aims to support your business

We spotlight user objectives and needs without losing sight from a business perspective. Our projects aim to help the target audience and, at the same time, support the brand in achieving their goals. For this reason, before starting to draw wireframes, we spend time on research and its analysis.

The UI design process begins when we have the project goals clearly set. Why? For example, it allows us to use personalization techniques that should meet and even exceed your users’ expectations and engage them in the app exploration process. And thanks to a thorough competitor analysis, we can prepare a project to make you stand out.

We combine the power of UI and UX design to create better apps

People like nice-looking apps, but the aesthetics alone won’t turn regular users into returning customers. That’s why the UI designer designated for your project will also be a UX specialist. It enables us to create projects of user interfaces that are both functional and pleasurable to look at. The usability of user interface design is taken care of in line with the principles formulated by Jakob Nielsen. We also make sure the project meets the requirements regarding accessibility.

Our usability tests lead to better experiences

When the UI design is ready, we usually recommend conducting usability tests. It enables us to gather user feedback about the app and check how intuitive the interface is. With the help of a prototyping tool such as Figma, our UX designers add interactions to the primary user paths that we need to check. After a few testing sessions, we analyze them and prepare improvement recommendations. You can read more about our methods on the blog.

The experienced team at your service

Our UX/UI designer doesn’t work alone. They are in touch with web, iOS, and Android developers to ensure their propositions are feasible. Software engineers also check if implementing proposed features wouldn’t be too complicated. In addition, designers regularly consult their ideas with product owners. We use UI design tools with real-time collaboration features, so PO can add comments to the project and share their design ideas.

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