The app supports employees on their path towards professional and personal development through coaching and therapy sessions.



The app supports employees on their path towards professional and personal development through coaching and therapy sessions.



Personal development

July 2021 - January 2022

Key takeaways


People who take part in coaching and therapy programs have a lot on their minds. They need to focus on their plan, take notes, remember about the sessions, review the materials – and there’s more. Sometimes, they need to consult their coaches or look for the info shared in the previous video calls. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed.


With the new mobile app users can fully concentrate on the session, because it allows them to keep everything in one place.

There’s no need to have a piece of paper close at hand when they want to write down important insights or the date of the next call. Within the app users can now take notes, check the calendar, download the learning materials, and talk to their coaches via live chat. What’s more, the app allows them to track their progress, so they can see what’s next on their to-do lists.

We’ve developed the LeggUP app with Flutter to shorten time to deliver and give the app to both iOS and Android users as soon as possible.

Project lifecycle


Product Discovery workshop


UI design and usability tests


App development and QA tests


Launch on app stores

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About LeggUP

The platform for personal and career development. LeggUP offers its services as part of the employee benefit programs. It gives the employees access to such services as proprietary assessment, coaching and therapy sessions. This way, LeggUP takes care of people’s mental health and boosts their productivity.

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  • Increasing the user engagement on the platform.
  • Making it easier to conduct coaching and therapy sessions on mobile devices.
  • Streamlining communication between coaches and users.
  • Facilitating access to development resources and materials.



  • Scheduling the sessions must be simple. So, we had to develop an intuitive scheduling system that would work even when the coach and user are in different time zones.
  • The app can perform different actions for every person because all users follow dedicated, personalized programs. Thus, we had to adjust the app to various use cases.


  • Creating a live chat feature that allows exchanging images and files.
  • Ensuring support for video calls via the Zoom platform.


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Product Discovery workshop

Why do people need the LeggUP mobile app? How can it help them grow and develop new skills?

Together with our clients, we’ve asked ourselves these two questions. The workshop let us answer them and identify the aspects users will value the most.

As a result, we’ve decided which elements from the web app should be included in its mobile version or added as extensions. Overall, the workshop showed us the direction we should follow during the development process and guided us towards our goals.

UI design and usability tests

The main objective was to give employees quick access to the most important features. The entire design had to be user-friendly and give a sense of openness and transparency.

Although the final version of the UI differs from the one used on the website, it still reflects the company’s character. The designer used the brand’s color palette to keep consistency.

When the main elements of the UI design were ready, we conducted usability tests with the potential users. The goal was to find what needs improvements. We also had to make sure that our product is truly intuitive and meets users’ expectations.

App development and QA tests

  • The team worked in agile iterations, in line with scrum guidelines.
  • Although we’ve been building the app mostly with Flutter (Dart), due to cross-platform limitations, parts of the code are native.
  • QA testers worked hand in hand with developers to achieve the best results.
  • Both our QA specialist and the client’s team were testing the app. For the latter, it was easier to detect bugs in some actions that the app performs as part of personalized programs.
  • Before the final product launch, we’ve created its BETA version for testers. We wanted to get additional feedback and make sure the app is as functional as intended.

Flutter technology is still quite young and thus a bit challenging at times. Nevertheless, in this kind of project it turned out to be the best option that allows fast development and really good application performance.

Igor Flutter Developer

Key features

The Holdapp team was very professional and easy to work with. We chose Flutter because it gave us the ability to deliver a cross-platform app at the same time. Holdapp’s Flutter team was top notch and was able to meet our tight deadlines. The member feedback about the app has been very positive. We’re looking forward to collaborating with the team again.

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