Travel tracking and day counting iOS app for expats and frequent international travelers

TrackingDays app - history and timeline
TrackingDays mobile app - settings

Travel tracking and day counting iOS app for expats and frequent international travelers


We were asked to create a travel tracking app with a unique geolocation solution that would be energy-optimized and able to locate users even in the offline mode. Moreover, the app had to take up as little device memory as possible and at the same time, integrate specific day counting algorithms.

TrackingDays app - timeline
TrackingDays app - settings

What were we responsible for?

  • developing a native iOS app
  • developing a native Android app from scratch (work in progress)
  • UI/UX adjustments
  • manual tests.
TrackingDays app - timeline
TrackinDays mobile app - settings


Our users needed to have the ability to track their travels constantly, even when there is no Internet connection. So, we had to provide a stable tracking system that remains on even in the offline mode.

As a result, battery optimization became a key factor that we had to take care of. We also had to rewrite and improve the geolocation system that doesn’t need mobile data to work. It was created before we joined the project. With such a technology, the app can be used anywhere in the world where there is a cell phone signal.

Building and managing a complex database was also a challenge we were faced with.

Last but not least, we had to develop features that make it possible to export and import data from the app to different usable formats.


TrackingDays app - history
TrackingDays app - timeline

Key features

  • Continuous, energy-optimized days tracking
  • Unique day counting algorithms
  • Specific travel views: by country and timeline
  • Exportable data
  • Editable trips and the ability to add previous trips
  • The original geocoding solution, able to run offline.
TrackingDays Android app
TrackingDays app - timeline


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About TrackingDays

TrackingDays is dedicated to those who have to keep a record of the time spent abroad. For example, concerning residence, taxation, or visa requirements. The app keeps track of days and nights in line with country regulations. It removes the worry of overstaying in a specific country.

The app has been downloaded in over 60 countries. Users are mostly global expats and frequent international travelers but also overseas real estate owners, and companies that need to keep track of their employee locations throughout the year.

TrackinDays mobile app - settings
TrackingDays iOS app - offer view


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