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Benefits of native Android app development

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Android is the most popular mobile software. It owned around 73% of mobile OS market share in 2020, according to StatCounter. So, if you want to reach as many users as possible with one native app, Android might be the best option.

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Native Android apps can have many features that rely on the system components and still work smoothly. NFC, Bluetooth, camera – those are just a few examples of such functions. They can slow down the app, unless you choose a native technology.

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Users who have native apps can enjoy an interface designed specifically with Android devices in mind. It makes it easier for them to navigate within the app and discover new options. This way you increase the chances for conversions.

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Kotlin - a language for Android OS

We build our native Android apps with Kotlin. It’s a programming language recommended by Google.

Kotlin allows us to quickly make even complex apps, with multiple features based on the system components. It reduces the risk of bugs and errors, so it’s the best choice when it comes to efficient mobile app development for Android.

Kotlin is compatible with Java. This means that if you have an app written with this programming language, our Android developers can still add Kotlin components.

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Why choose our Android development company?

Everyone in our team of Android developers has at least 4 years of experience. So, rest assured – your app will be prepared by people who have multiple products in their portfolio. They know how to make well-performing software.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so we don’t rely solely on developers’ skills. We also provide you with quality assurance services. Our QA specialists meticulously test every app and check if it works seamlessly.

A dedicated project manager makes sure everything goes according to plan. Alternatively, our software engineer takes up a role of a technical project coordinator and supervises the development process.

On top of that, we prepare UX/UI designs if needed and run the Product Design workshops to help you find the best solutions. Our Android app development company is based in Poland but we organize both on-site and online workshops.

During the Android development process, you are always kept in the loop. We regularly present the results of our work and inform you about the latest updates.

End-to-end Android app development services


Android app development

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QA tests

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Project management

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Technologies & tools


  • Android Jetpack
  • MVP or MVVM
  • RxJava 3
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Dagger
  • Koin
  • Retrofit
  • Room
  • Glide


  • Bitrise
  • GitLab
  • AppCenter
  • Own plugins


  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Stetho
  • Flipper
  • Hyperion


  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • UXPin
  • Figma

Android app development stages

Our goal is to provide the best UX and create Android applications that bring measurable values to our clients. We achieve this with the mobile app development process we’ve mastered over the years.


Kickoff & Preparations

We begin with a series of meetings with a client. At this early stage, we set up the goals of a project, determine the general requirements, and core features. Everyone gets to know each others’ roles and we choose the communication model. Once we have a Minimal Viable Product strategy, we estimate the costs, and plan next actions. Later, our Android developers choose the technologies and tools needed to complete the project and identify potential challenges. Then the whole team starts preparing the backlog.



It’s an optional stage – if we are responsible for the UX/UI design, we prepare it based on a research on potential users and the competition. We also use such tools, as persona profiles and wireframes, among others.


Development & testing

Our Android mobile app development process is based on Agile methodologies and breaks down into iterations (sprints). The result of every iteration is the application that gets tested by a QA specialist. During this stage, we’re in touch with the client and regularly show the outcomes of our work. Our team meets every day to discuss the progress and make sure we’re heading in the right direction. We also organize retrospective meetings to find out what went well and what still needs to be improved.


Product release

We supervise the release process and adjust the product to requirements of the Google Play store. This includes informing the client what legal and marketing materials are needed. Our task here is also to advice client on how to prepare the app’s page according to ASO factors.



It’s a second part of the development stage that takes place after each product release. This is when our Android app developers add new components, make improvements, and ensure the stability of the app. When the new version is finished, we return to the Product Release phase and launch it on Google Play.

Android m-commerce app for a fashion store


We’ve made this native Android application for an online store with products from over 400 brands. Answear sells clothes, shoes and accessories in 7 countries, so we had to adjust the app to each market.

Our goal was to create an app that shortens the distance between a user and the brand. We also wanted to make shopping online easier.

The outcome of this project was more than satisfactory. The average value of a shopping cart is 30% higher in the mobile app, compared to the web app.

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Native Android app or Flutter?

If you want to reach both Android and iOS users but your budget is limited, maybe you should consider Flutter – a cross-platform technology. This way you can build just one app and get access to more clients. But before you make the decision, make sure Flutter is recommended in your case.

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Our Android apps

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CoinDeal iOS app
CoinDeal mobile app - wallets

ios / android


Native Android & iOS apps for one of the safest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. CoinDeal lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies by choosing from over 50 currency pairs.
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Mobile Trends Awards 2021: Everyday Life category

ios / android

Native Android and iOS apps for a free online marketplace where users sell and buy services and goods. is dedicated mostly to individual sellers. It’s integrated with Facebook to let users verify each other’s credibility.
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Why native Android app development could be good for your business?

First of all, mobile apps with multiple features based on system components perform better when they are written in native code.

Secondly, Android is the most popular platform in many countries all over the world.

So, with the native Android app, you can reach more people and offer them a fast, efficient product with all the features they need.

If you’re not sure whether Android users are really your target audience, have a look at the statistics and check what OS is the most popular in selected countries.

What is the best Android development software?

At Holdapp, we use Android Studio to build mobile apps for devices with the Android operating system. It’s the official environment for Android development.

This software has many tools we use every day, such as SDK, APK analyzer, code editor, etc. It optimizes creating apps with Kotlin and makes it faster.

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