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What is Swift?

It’s an alternative for complex, complicated programming languages from the C family. Swift has been created by Apple. The main goal was to enable faster development of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps.

As years went by, this statically-typed language evolved and now Swift allows software engineers to create solutions even for Android or Linux. But still, it is mainly used to build apps for Apple devices.

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Intuitive UI

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Wide range of options

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High speed

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Chosen by software engineers and product owners

Ever since Swift has become easily accessible and turned into an open-source project, developers from all over the world constantly improve it. As a result, it offers more possibilities, and software engineers are more eager to use this language.

Its advantages have been appreciated also by companies that want to reach more clients with mobile apps. It was not a coincidence that people behind iOS apps for LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or Facebook chose this language for their products. Swift makes the app development faster which has a significant meaning for every business that wants to be a step ahead of the competition.

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Smooth performance

We use Swift language at Holdapp to create native iOS apps. What makes them special? Even though sometimes they rely on many system components, it doesn’t slow down the app. This has a significant impact on user experience, and people are more likely to return to the app. Smooth performance also builds a better image of the brand.

Native solutions allow us to take advantage of custom Apple gestures and UI elements, so using iOS apps can be more comfortable and intuitive. Moreover, apps build with Swift perform faster.

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Why choose Swift?

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01 Access to many features

Swift enables using many native features and hardware elements without compromising performance. This language offers easy access to a camera, maps, and music player, among others. Thanks to this, apps based on Swift provide more possibilities.


02 Shorter development time

Clear code makes the development faster, so does access to many libraries. Even those compatible with Objective-C. This way software engineers can add new components quicker, while your business can save costs.


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03 Protection from errors

Editing is easier in Swift, thanks to a clear syntax. This also lets software engineers avoid making errors. Moreover, the REPL environment allows them to check the code and detect bugs in no time.

A large community is a huge help too. Its support makes app development more efficient and there is no need to pay additionally for fixing a lot of errors.

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04 Faster speed

The name Swift is related to the high speed that enables conducting operations. Swift can be 2,6 times faster than Objective-C and 8,4 times faster than Python 2.7, according to Apple. Thanks to this, apps build with this language work smoothly and let users achieve their goals quicker.

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Swift is the right choice when...

  • your app should be able to work in offline mode,
  • you need a native iOS app that has to be developed as soon as possible,
  • iOS users are a big part of the target group,
  • your product must work smoothly even when it relies heavily on native features and components,
  • the design of UI should be iOS specific.
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Swift vs Objective-C

Before Swift took its place, the main language for the development of native iOS apps was Objective-C. The change of leader was mostly due to the simplicity and conciseness of the younger language.

To create the same component with Objective-C software engineer has to write much more code compared to Swift. As a result, teams that use newer language can develop products faster and release them earlier.

Even brands that already have apps created in Objective-C can take advantage of Swift. How? These two languages can work together. It allows the development team to use Apple’s language for building new components. This way it takes significantly less time.

Our Swift apps

Forbet app for Apple watch
forBET - iPhone app

Legal Bookmakers Award 2019:
1st prize in Best Mobile App category

android / ios


Native app for one of the leading bookmakers in Poland. With forBET users can make bets anytime and anywhere. They also can stay up to date with current promotions and upcoming events.
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DLL Ebook mobile app - Deutsch Buch
DDL Ebook available coursebooks

android / ios

DLL Ebook

Educational app for Direct Language Lab – Polish publishing house that specializes in coursebooks for learning foreign languages based on direct method. Students in over 30 countries use DD Lab publications in language schools.
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Answear mobile app
Aplikacja Answear - widok główny

Nomination for Mobile Trends Awards 2017 in M-COMMERCE category

android / ios


M-commerce app for online fashion retailer with more than 80 000 clothes, shoes and accessories from over 300 brands, including Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, DNKY and Valentino.
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Sprzedajemy.pl app - main view
Sprzedajemy.pl app - offers

android / ios


Native Android and iOS apps for a free online marketplace where users sell and buy services and goods. Sprzedajemy.pl is dedicated mostly to individual sellers. It’s integrated with Facebook to let users verify each other’s credibility.
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TrackingDays app - history and timeline
TrackingDays mobile app - settings



With TrackingDays users don’t need to worry if their stay in a foreign country lasts too long. The app keeps track of days spent abroad. It is now used in 60 countries, mostly by global expats and non-residents.
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CoinDeal iOS app
CoinDeal mobile app - wallets

android / ios

CoinDeal - Bitcoin Buy & Sell

Native Android & iOS apps for one of the safest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. CoinDeal lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies by choosing from over 50 currency pairs.
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Native or cross-platform?

You’re not sure what kind of app would be better for your business? We have some info about native apps that might turn out helpful.

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