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Get to know your users and create a product that answers their needs.

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What is a Product Design workshop?

Do you want to know how to create an app that solves users’ problems, develops a bond between them and a brand, and at the same time increases sales? This is a challenge that requires a proper plan.

Our workshops based on the Product Design Sprint method can help you with that. We rely on the design thinking approach and focus on user experience.

Each design workshop is divided into several stages. During the session, multidisciplinary team does the research on the expectations potential users have. The goal is it find out what are the real market demands.

We also create our solution proposals. As a result, everyone involved in product development process knows what users expect. This way, the team can prepare their own project roadmap.

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Effective way to reach your goal

This method is not only exceptionally productive, but also relatively fast. There’s often a long way from the ideation to realization – full of discussions that can last for hours. And their effectiveness is sometimes hard to predict. Workshops optimize this process.

In just a few hours you will be able to determine whether the idea for your product has a chance to succeed and what are the most promising ways of its development. Workshops will also help you estimate the cost of the whole venture and specify what resources do you need. All this knowledge significantly reduces business risk.

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Cost savings

Deep knowledge of both users and competition allows you to create refined products. It also helps you avoid making expensive errors.

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Better efficiency

Defining clear goals and main features of the app enables us to choose technological solutions that guarantee the best performance.

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Reduced risk

Adjusting the roadmap to company’s technological and financial possibilities minimizes the risk of your venture.

During the workshop, you will find out what are the essential issues that can determine the success of your product.

  • Get to know what the users’ problems are, needs, and motivations. 
  • Check out what users do to achieve their goals and what do they value the most in apps. 
  • If you already have an existing product, determine why users rarely get back to your app.
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Who should take part in the workshop?

  • Startups with ideas for an app but no clue how to plan a roadmap and what technologies to choose.
  • Companies that have been operating in the market for many years and want to create a new product that answers real-life problems of their target group.
  • Brands that think about changing their products and need to know how to improve them.

It doesn’t matter how complex is your idea for a product. Conclusions we come to during the workshops can optimize the development process of both complicated and simple projects.

If you want to know more about this approach visit where participants of Product Design Sprint workshops from many different companies and industries share their experiences. Take a look and find out if this method is right for your business.

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Workshop duration

Usually, the Product Design Sprint workshop is a series of meetings that can last a couple of days. What we offer you is a shortened process that takes 6 to 8 hours. During such a session, we focus on understanding users’ needs, problems, and motivations. We also try to answer them and determine what technologies can help us achieve our goals.

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What do we focus on?

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Research & analysis

Defining users’ needs and expectations, checking the competition and estimating our own possibilities.

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Preparing a roadmap that takes available resources, time limits and financial restrictions into account.

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Designing a basic version of the product that solves users’ problem and distinguishes a product from the competition.

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Selecting solutions that will make it possible to ensure users with the best experience.

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User behavior

Mapping out navigation paths that let users intuitively move within the app and take advantage of its key features.



Goals and assumptions

We determine what knowledge about the product we already have and interview the person who came up with the idea for it. It allows us to find out what were the initial assumptions behind the conception. Then we go through the information about the target user persona and the ideas for implementation. We also set business goals that our product should help achieve.



We get to know the users. For this very reason, we fill out User Centered Design Canvas – a tool that lets us understand their motivations. It also helps us define the idea for the product. During this exercise, we determine what problems users deal with when they try to achieve their goals. We need to realize which parts of this process are frustrating and which ones are joyful. At the end, we define how exactly our product helps the target group and what makes it unique compared to the competition. Based on this we formulate a Unique Selling Proposition. 


Lighting Decision Jam

This exercise consists of 6 stages. It makes it easier to design a basic version of a product. First, we analyze the competition and define what is valuable in their solutions, but also what do they lack. The next step is the prioritization of problems. We need to find out what should we focus on while designing our product. Then we look for the solutions and choose the best ones. Last but not least, we create an MVP. It’s a version of the product with a minimal set of features that solve user’s problem and at the same time distinguish the app from the competition.


User flow diagram

Our task at this point is to define what interactions allow users to obtain selected goals. This means we have to prepare a user flow diagram. With this tool, it’s easier to understand user’s way of thinking and see if the navigation really is intuitive.



Finally, we prepare a report from the workshops with all the knowledge and insights gathered during the session. The document also features the app development plan. You’ll find there all the materials prepared during each stage along with conclusions.

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