Mobile App Development Pricing

Find out the estimated costs of our app development services and check how long it takes to complete a project.

Mobile app development cost

Check out the exemplary prices of our mobile app development services. Keep in mind that every project is unique and requires a dedicated approach. Not sure about the details of your product, yet? Consult it with us.


€16 000 - €48 000

Time: 2-3 months

Product: one cross-platform app or one native app

  • basic features
  • simple functionalities

Team: 1 software developer, QA specialist, PM

When should you consider this option?

  • if you’re a startup on the lookout for investors
  • if you want to test a simple idea for an app
  • if your app is supposed to solve one problem


€40 000 - €96 000

Time: 5-6 months

Product: one cross-platform app or two native apps

  • medium range of features
  • advanced functionalities
  • non-standard technologies

Team: 1-2 software developers, 1-2 QA specialists, PM

When should you consider this option?

  • if you aim to have a big number of users
  • if you need advanced solutions to make the app work and address users’ needs


min. €96 000

Time: min. 6 months

Product: two native apps

  • wide range of advanced features
  • long-term development
  • non-standard technologies
  • customization for every region/country
  • technical and business recommendations

Team: 2 software developers, 2 QA specialists, PM

When should you consider this option?

  • if you want to reach a big number of users
  • if the app is an important source of income and core element of your business
  • if you’re ready for a long-lasting development
  • if you need complex, advanced solutions

Web apps: an alternative for mobile technologies

You already have a system, but you have to integrate your app with it? Or maybe you want to build a new product from scratch? If a web app or a Content Management System (CMS) is what you are looking for, let’s build it together.

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Why should you work with us?

years on a market

Our app development process








Development & tests


Product release



User-friendly apps with refined UI design

The user interface has to be aesthetically pleasing but it must also refer to the brand’s identity and ensure the best user experience. You need someone who will take care of the looks of your app? We’re here to help you out.

Estimate a UX/UI design

Not sure what kind of an app you need?

We can help you figure it out. Take part in our Product Design workshop and find out how to solve challenging problems, what technologies you should choose, and check if your product is as functional as you think.

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Our projects

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Forbet app for Apple watch
forBET - iPhone app

Legal Bookmakers Award 2019:
1st prize in Best Mobile App category

ios / android


Native app for one of the leading bookmakers in Poland. With forBET users can make sports bets anytime and anywhere. They also can stay up to date with current promotions and upcoming events.
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CoinDeal iOS app
CoinDeal mobile app - wallets

ios / android


Native Android & iOS apps for one of the safest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. CoinDeal lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies by choosing from over 50 currency pairs.
Find out more app - main view app - offers

Mobile Trends Awards 2021: Everyday Life category

ios / android

Native Android and iOS apps for a free online marketplace where users sell and buy services and goods. is dedicated mostly to individual sellers. It’s integrated with Facebook to let users verify each other’s credibility.
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trans.Info app - main view
Trans.Info - menu



Native Android app for trans.INFO,
a popular website and forum about transport and logistics with over 40 000 articles. It’s visited by 1.5 mln readers every month. trans.INFO app provides its users with the latest news on logistics, delivery chain and transport.
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What does the mobile app development process look like?

First, we deal with organizational issues and create an estimation. Then our team prepares an initial backlog and necessary tools. If the designs are ready, we move on to the development and testing stage. The next step is the product launch on Apple App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. Finally, there’s a maintenance phase when we add new features, improve the app and ensure its stability.

App development stages may slightly vary depending on the scope of the project.

Do you use a time & material pricing model or a fixed price?

On a usual basis, we prefer the time & material (T&M) model, because it’s flexible and often the most beneficial – both for us and our clients. It’s particularly recommended when you develop an app that has a lot of features and offers many possibilities. A fixed price model is a good option for simple MVP projects when the risk of facing additional challenges is small.

What information is important for the estimation of an app?

We need the list of required features, the info about the available budget, and the time you can spend on the development. But it’s best if you could tell us also:

  • what are the main requirements, goals, and expectations towards the product,
  • what is the problem that you want to solve with the app,
  • who are your users,
  • what technology did you consider.

How long does it take to make an app?

It depends mainly on how complex the product is – how many features you need and how advanced they are. The app development process of a simple MVP takes about 2 months.  With more complex apps, it often takes around 6 months or more.

What development tools do you use?

Our app development team relies on a tested toolset. For analytics and stability monitoring we use Firebase Crashlytics and GitLab. Our CI/CD software is Bitrise, and Jira helps us with project management. Check out also tools unique for iOS development and others, specific for building Android apps.

How do team members contact each other?

Slack is our tool for asking quick questions, whereas email is where we store all the crucial info and meeting summaries.

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