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Native app development: Kotlin and Swift
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What are the pros of native app development?



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What is a native app?

Native apps are developed specifically for a particular operating system.

In the mobile operating system market, there are two main platforms – Android and iOS – with respectively 73% and 26% shares in 2020, according to Statcounter. Native iOS apps work only on devices with the iOS system, and consequently, native Android apps work only on Android devices.

Programming ​languages for native mobile app development

Kotlin for Android mobile apps

UI building in cross-platform apps


Recommended by Google itself, Kotlin is mostly used for Android app development, leaving Java behind. Software engineers are encouraged to use this language in their projects. Why? Mainly because of its clear structure which makes app development faster. It also reduces the chances of making errors.

UI building in cross-platform apps


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Swift for iOS mobile apps

Designing UI in native apps


Native iOS apps are usually made with Swift. Before Swift, Objective-C was the most popular language for iPhone and iPad apps. But not any more – Swift allows developers to add components faster and makes it easier to avoid errors. As a result, it optimizes the whole product development process.

Designing UI in native apps


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Why a native app gives you more possibilities?

Native technologies have easy access to the elements of hardware, such as a camera, GPS, NFC, or microphone, so they make it possible to add certain features that are based on system components.

Implementation of such features isn’t as complicated as in cross-platform apps, and the product works smoothly, even if there are multiple native functionalities.

At Holdapp, we specialize in native app development. It guarantees the highest level of stability and top-notch performance. Native technologies are often the best option when the app is complex and should give users many possibilities.

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Efficient and fast mobile app

Native apps are faster and often more efficient compared with their alternatives. That’s because they are entirely stored on a device and coded in language dedicated to the particular platform.

As a result, data processing and sending the answers takes less time. This is also the reason why views load faster, and the app can work even without the Internet.

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Better UX with native applications

Every platform has its own characteristic, native elements of the interface. People who have Android or iOS devices are familiar with certain UI solutions that make it easier for them to use the apps. With Swift and Kotlin, the application can have a native look and ensure a better UX.

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Higher level of data protection

Native code can be effectively hidden when it is stored entirely in the app’s infrastructure. In the case of cross-platform or hybrid apps, it is not possible.

You should know that in most mobile apps, code is usually encrypted and obfuscated. This allows us to protect it from third parties and guarantee data safety.

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When is native application the right choice?


  • you want to use many system features,
  • fast loading plays an important role,
  • high performance is a priority,
  • you want to develop new features quickly,
  • the app must work even in the offline mode,
  • you want to offer the best UX.

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Native vs cross-platform app development

Not sure whether it’s better to build a native app or a cross-platform one? Tell us about your project, and we will help you make the best decision.

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Our native apps

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Answear mobile app
Aplikacja Answear - widok główny

Nomination for Mobile Trends Awards 2017 in M-COMMERCE category

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M-commerce app for online fashion retailer with more than 80 000 clothes, shoes and accessories from over 300 brands, including Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, DNKY and Valentino.
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Forbet app for Apple watch
forBET - iPhone app

Legal Bookmakers Award 2019:
1st prize in Best Mobile App category

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Native app for one of the leading bookmakers in Poland. With forBET users can make sports bets anytime and anywhere. They also can stay up to date with current promotions and upcoming events.
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TrackingDays app - history and timeline
TrackingDays mobile app - settings



With TrackingDays users don’t need to worry if their stay in a foreign country lasts too long. The app keeps track of days spent abroad. It is now used in 60 countries, mostly by global expats and non-residents.
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CoinDeal iOS app
CoinDeal mobile app - wallets

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Native Android & iOS apps for one of the safest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. CoinDeal lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies by choosing from over 50 currency pairs.
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UI building in cross-platform apps

An alternative for native app development

Each project requires a different approach. That’s why a native app won’t always be the best choice. If you build an iOS app and an Android app separately, then you need developers dedicated to each platform, and the entire process takes more time than when you build just one cross-platform app for both systems. On the other hand, resignation from the native solutions can affect the application’s performance.

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