Time and management vs fixed price model

Time and Materials vs Fixed Price – Overview of Pros and Cons that will Help You Choose the Right Billing Model

When you call a software development company and ask what pricing models they offer, there are usually two answers – fixed price and time & materials. In most cases, you’ll be recommended to choose the T&M agreement. And it’s likely that it will work for you. But the billing model has an impact not just on the budget but directly on the success of the product. So, you need to know exactly what are the pros and cons of both contracts to choose the right option.

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Selecting files in Android

How to Select Files in Android Easily? Connecting Storage Access Framework and Activity Result API

The relationship status between a developer and the Storage Access Framework (SAF) should be labeled as Complicated. Sure, this solution allows you to access files, but it’s also so annoying it makes you want to shut the laptop down and grab a cup of calming tea. Luckily, there’s a light in this tunnel. SAF relies on Activity result mechanics, so you can connect it with Activity Result API and enjoy a clean, well-organized code. Check out how to do it in a few simple steps.

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App Store Optimization: 8 Tips That Will Help You Increase a Number of Downloads

You’ve built a functional mobile app, but a low number of downloads suggests that not many people had a chance to find that out? Let’s run a quick test. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and type in the app store’s search bar a phrase that displays the apps from your category. If search results show the competition first, this means you should take care of app store optimization (ASO), so users could find your app easily.

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Duplex communication system with WebSockets on iOS

WebSockets on iOS – Real-time Communication That Doesn't Slow Down the App

When you want to download data for the app, you probably use API RESTful interface. All it takes is to ask the server for the data and that’s it! This method works well when the app doesn’t need permanent access to new information. But what to do if the content has to be updated in real-time? A delay can make it impossible for the user to buy an item or make a sports bet, for example. But there’s a solution – WebSockets on iOS. Check out why you should implement them, and how to do it.

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Layout design elements

5 Reasons Why You Should Build the UI in ConstraintLayout

ConstraintLayout is a popular solution that Android developers use every day. And not without a good reason. If you’re at the beginning of your journey as a software engineer, get familiar with the most important features this layout can offer. It will help you understand the way it works, and Android app development will become easier.

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iOS Localized Notifications

How to Send iOS Notifications in Different Languages? Guide to Dynamic Localization

The best way to set a connection between a user, provider, and an app? System notifications. They allow users to get the latest news in no time. This solution is easy to implement in apps dedicated to one market. But it gets complicated when the messages must be displayed in many languages. In such cases, the dynamic localization of remote notifications can be a real game-changer.

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Mobile app developer adding feature flags

How to Implement Feature Flags and Gain More Control over Your App?

Every person with software development experience can share a few stories about incorrectly working features. We build our apps out of small pieces, introduce advanced architecture patterns, and yet sometimes one of the elements fails, causing bugs or even system failures. In such cases, feature toggling can save the day! Find out how to implement feature flags, and make your app more stable.

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UX researcher takes notes for a desk research

UX Desk Research for Beginners: Valuable Insights and Where to Find Them

Choosing the right tools and methods for UX desk research is like entering a huge candy store for the first time. In the beginning, you enjoy having so many options, but then you feel overwhelmed. After a while, you’ll get better at defining your own ways to go, but let us help you until then. Take a look at our propositions of tools and see how to use them in a project of your mobile app.

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A man takes a photo with a smartphone

Bitrise Tests Made Easier: Update JIRA Issues with Build Number and Forget About Delays in QA Testing

When you trigger Bitrise build with changes and forget to tell QA specialists some essential information, there are two likely scenarios. You waste time waiting for the update from the tester, only you don’t know it’s never coming. Or you get so many questions about builds that you can’t keep up. Sounds familiar? If so, let us tell you about the JIRA issue update that keeps workflow in order.

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