iOS Localized Notifications

How to Send iOS Notifications in Different Languages? Guide to Dynamic Localization

The best way to set a connection between a user, provider, and an app? System notifications. They allow users to get the latest news in no time. This solution is easy to implement in apps dedicated to one market. But it gets complicated when the messages must be displayed in many languages. In such cases, the dynamic localization of remote notifications can be a real game-changer.

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User journey diagram

Solving a Data Flow Diagram Using PromiseKit

Before they start coding, most programmers begin by creating a data flow diagram to know exactly how each piece of code is supposed to work (in other words, how it should behave). If the behavior of the application is not complex, you do not have to sketch it, although it is a good habit. However with more complicated behavior, it is hard to properly code such flow.

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iPhone and laptop

CallKit - How to Configure It?

iOS 10 offers many new features. One of them is CallKit, the framework which allows our application to seamlessly integrate with the user interface of a phone. CallKit may be used in applications to allow users to receive incoming calls and perform outgoing calls with the phone-provided UI. VoIP call can be muted or suspended. It is also possible to make video calls.

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Woman talking to smartphone

Speech Recognizer API - What Do You Need to Know?

In iOS 10 we can use SFSpeechRecognizer API, which allows transcription in real-time or using pre-recorded audio files. The outcome of such transcription is not only a text, but also alternative interpretations of the audio, length of spoken words and level of accuracy of recognized words (range 0.0 – 1.0). API allows for the analysis of more than 50 languages. Using SFSpeechRecognizer API in an application is trivial, it boils down to four steps.

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iOS developer at work

Swift Switch or, the Fun Conditions Are

I would like you to get acquainted with a switch conditional statement in Swift, using the rubber duck method. I assume that you already know the concept of the switch statement, therefore, I will show you what is new in Swift. Let’s play with conditions!

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Black iPhone, laptop and calendar

Notifications in iOS 10

The new version of iOS introduces a number of changes concerning both local and server notifications. We can use a new framework, UserNotifications, which enables both delivering and handling notifications.

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iPhone with headphones and MacBook

What's New in Swift 3?

Recently, the new 3.0 version of the Swift language has been presented. Some of the noticeable changes include modifications involving the removal of functions which have already been removed in Swift 2.2. Changes involving modernization of the language are also present.

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Developer creating architecture diagram in Swift

Clean-Swift - Overview of the Architecture

Clean-swift architecture is very simple and does not require any additional libraries. It consists of 3 layers that nicely separate views from logic. Find out what makes them special and how they are related to each other.

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QA tests iOS app

Visual Memory Debugging with Xcode 8

Nowadays, there are tools that help us a lot to manage the memory when creating apps. Because of that, most software developers rarely encounter memory problems (or are simply unaware of them). However, every once in a while, we have to face some memory leaks. What do we do then? The most common method is to activate the Instruments tool and debug the problem, which can often be quite laborious. With the release of the new Xcode 8, Apple has introduced a new tool which significantly facilitates that – Visual Memory Debugger.

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