Native iOS and Android apps that allow sports fans to support their teams from homes and let sportsmen hear fans’ reactions to the events.

DaNoize iOS app
DaNoize app

Native iOS and Android apps that allow sports fans to support their teams from homes and let sportsmen hear fans’ reactions to the events.


Sports industry

Mobile Trends Awards 2020: nomination in Sport & recreation category

2020 - ongoing

About the app

DaNoize generates sounds that show the emotions of sports fans who cannot watch the game from the tribunes and follow the events on the screens of their laptops or TVs.

Users can choose between 8 reactions, such as clapping, booing, sounds of drums or trumpets. This way they can cheer the team, and show excitement or disappointment with the turn of events.

The app connects with the sound system on the stadium, so all the sportsmen can hear their fans’ reactions as if the stands were full of people.


DaNoize app

Additional features

DaNoize allows sports fans who support different teams to compete with each other. The winners are the most active fans who cheer the loudest. Teams can offer rewards to the most engaged fans and give them tickets, for example. This way they build a closer bond with the supporters.

And what about those sports fans who can’t watch the game in front of their TVs? All they need to do is to turn on the radio transmission – DaNoize enables this solution, too.

What’s more, users can check the current information about the games, anytime they want. DaNoize gives them access to the Statscore database, so fans are always up to date.

The app allows supporters to contact each other. They can exchange messages on the live chat and talk about the events on the pitch in real-time. Users can even create private rooms and invite only those people they want to talk with.

DaNoize became also a direct channel that connects teams with supporters. Teams can use this app to send PUSH notifications and inform fans about the news.


When the pandemic closed the stadiums for sports fans in 2020, they lost the opportunity to attend the events and support their favorite teams from the stands. As a result, there were no sounds of excitement or joy when the players were fighting for victory.

Our client decided to change that. He asked us to create an app that allows sportsmen at the stadium to hear the fans who cheer while watching the game at their homes.

This way even people who follow the events from different places can support their teams together.

Additionally, the app was supposed to facilitate communication between the fans and make a closer bond between them and the club.


In reactions, speed plays an important role. The moment when the user taps the button on a screen, players in the stadium must hear the sounds of cheering. This goal is not easy to achieve and it required unusual solutions.

The sound must also seem realistic – artificially generated applause was out of the question. Only when the team hears the real reactions, players can feel that cheering resembles the actual emotions.

Key tasks


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iOS app development

enabling fast sound transmission

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generating realistic sounds


sharing real-time data

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reducing data transfer

We had to make a contact with sound engineers and create requirements concerning soundtracks, so the generated reactions could be realistic.

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Reactive approach – fast sound transmission

When users want to show their emotions with the app, the effect has to be immediate. The moment they tap the button on the screen, the sound must be heard in the stadium.

We wanted to make it possible, so we decided to choose a reactive solution. To generate sounds we used mobile devices instead of servers.

What does this mean in practice? A single reaction creates a data stream that is sent to a server. Then it’s aggregated and conveyed to clients’ devices in real-time. Next, in the mobile app, a data stream is directly converted into sound and animations.

This solution reduces a load of a server and a mobile app. It also minimizes data transfer. To achieve our goal, we chose GraphQL technology with Apollo library. On the application’s side, we used MVVM with LiveData.

With these solutions, it takes less time to transmit the sound, and the system receives the signal much earlier.

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The extension of libraries for sound generation

We didn’t want to generate sound on the server’s side, so we had to create our own solution that generates it on the application’s side. To make it possible, we used the SoundPool library. We’ve extended it, so we could mix soundtracks designed earlier, based on signals sent by the server.

This lets us significantly reduce a load of a server and network connection. The server only provides the instructions on how to mix the soundtracks – it doesn’t send the full tracks directly.

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Better quality of sound

Together with sound engineers we’ve prepared rules and guidelines that allowed us to create a unique sound generating system. That’s the reason why drums, trumpets, or applause sound so realistic.


Every team can adjust the app to its needs in two ways. First, they can add unique reactions, unavailable in the basic version of the app, such as the team’s own shoutout.

The second option is a change of appearance of the UI. Some elements can take on the colors of the team.

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Reduced data usage with GraphQL

GraphQL, a technology created by Facebook, allowed us to minimize the quantity of consumed data.

It also sped up the development process because the Apollo library generates a significant part of code to communicate with a server. It uses files that can be moved between the iOS and Android systems.

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Always current data

We use Statscore, a database with sport-related information conveyed in real-time.

It’s a popular solution in sports betting apps, and it also proves useful in DaNoize. It allows users to immediately find out what happens in the stadium.

Selected features


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Nomination to Mobile Trends Awards


The app has been nominated to Mobile Trends Awards 2020 in SPORT & RECREATION category.


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