11 November

Recently, the new 3.0 version of the Swift language has been presented. Some of the noticeable changes include modifications involving the removal of functions which have already been removed in Swift 2.2. Changes involving modernisation of the language are also present.

21 October

Introducing 10th version of iOS, Apple gave developers a new tool – UIViewPropertyAnimator. It enhances options of creating animation in our application. New options include stopping animation and resuming it (also with other time parameters), finishing animation at any time, reversing animation or moving it to any chosen moment, and many more. Another novelty is the fact that apart from previously used timing options of animation, such as EaseInEaseOut we now also have the ability to define our own time function based on checkpoints of cubic function.

06 October

Today, I will talk about one of the frameworks added in iOS 9: Core Spotlight . API allows you to add content to spotlight search engine, so that, for example, an application used for watching movies allows for adding movies, actors, directors and reacting if users select an item, so that we can move them to the desired location within the application.

18 July

Each application requires user's permission to use network, access sensors and memory of the device. API-23, that is Android 6.0, introduced a new model of permissions system. So far, before an installation, a user had to absolutely approve a list of permissions requested by application. Currently applications can push at runtime requests only for the specific permissions needed at a given moment.

03 July

When getting into the subject of dependency injection, we need to understand numerous new techniques that enable us to control created objects. Dagger allows developers to declare interfaces that will handle that. We can create an interface which will be a component or a subcomponent. What is the difference?

18 June

Recently, while browsing through news from Android world I came across a concept of ConstraintLayout. It is a new layout delivered by Android and Google, supporting Android versions from API 9 on. Digging into possibilities it is to give, I decided to check how new Layout Builder behaves and what is ConstraintLayout like in use.

01 June

As it turns out, many young developers have never created applications in the iOS Developer Center. Showing how to do it seems like a good idea, so I decided to prepare presentation about CloudKit and kill two birds with one stone.

18 May

You have to perform operations on images and Java is too slow for that? You want to avoid playing with compiling code using dk? There is a solution! Renderscirpt will help you with this task. With it you can use parallel operations, executing them both on the CPU and GPU. Everything is available in a very accessible form, so you don't even have to wonder how to divide the work.

iOS small talks
13 May

When bringing to the smartphone market iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, Apple presented to the world 3D Touch. Thanks to the option of checking touch pressure, this function facilitates diversification of interaction of users with their phones at the moment of contact. This allows, for example, implementing application behaviours varying on how you touch a screen.